000 German beekeepers are calling for a nationwide ban upon the cultivation of GMO crops.

100,000 beekeepers urge Germany to ban GMOs as biotech industry destroys their environment and livelihood Nearly 100,000 German beekeepers are calling for a nationwide ban upon the cultivation of GMO crops medicine side effects . The beekeepers are represented by the German Beekeepers Association , which is seeking the ban following the intro of legislation enabling member claims to opt out of GM planting schemes that have been approved at the EU level. The new legislation allows a known member state to ban GMO agriculture in all or part of its territory. The legislation is highly opposed by GM proponents and has turned into a controversial issue through the entire EU. The DIB can be urging Agriculture Minister Christian Schmidt to enact a ban throughout the entire country, but the minister is calling for every state or area within Germany to select an individual basis.

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