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Consumer health advocates just like the Center for Science in the Public Interest, which includes filed lawsuits against manufacturers of alcoholic energy beverages, cheered the FDA actions. These beverages create alert drunks, stated George Hacker, the center’s director for alcoholic beverages plan. People think they can drive, think they are able to handle factors because they’re not really feeling impaired, when in fact they are. The announcement Fri marks the next time in significantly less than per month that the FDA provides taken up a concern championed by Hacker’s group. Three weeks ago, the FDA warned that dietary logos on groceries are misleading customers about the actual health advantages of processed foods. It’s really refreshing to see government performing its responsibilities once more, Hacker said.Check out NATURAL TREATMENTS for Adrenal Exhaustion and see this Nerve Sedative Recipe for a tincture you may make yourself.. $9.8 million grant to research cancer risks from space radiation NASA awarded a study grant worth a lot more than $9.8 million over five-years to the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas. The central concentrate of the scholarly study entitled, ‘Lung Tumor Pathogenesis and HZE Particle Exposure,’ is to recognize solid tumor cancer risks from space radiation. Data will be collected from pet models and cells at the cellular and molecular level, with special focus on extrapolating the collected knowledge to humans.