3 pioneering cell biologists gain 2014 E.

Louis, and Peter Satir of the Albert Einstein University of Medicine in the Bronx recognized crucial bits of the cytoskeleton, the cell's shape-shifting framework, and showed how these components drive life at the cellular level. Called for Edmund Beecher Wilson , America's first modern cell biologist, the Wilson Medal can be presented to the winners in December at the ASCB's 54th Annual Meeting in Philadelphia. We chosen these three people because of the life time contributions to the field of cell biology, to the study of the cytoskeleton particularly, says Joseph Gall, of the Carnegie Organization of Washington, who chaired the Wilson Medal selection committee for ASCB.The statement notes a total of 44 MW of capability were added from a total of seven projects in Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada, NJ and North Carolina. Notably, the FERC record tracks only utility-scale solar power, which is made to be distributed through the charged power grid by utility companies much like traditionally sourced power. The report does not consist of rooftop systems for individual homes and businesses . Business is booming, businesses sayAccording to solar industry representatives, the FERC record reflects a boom in utility-scale solar set up driven mainly by new technological improvements that have led to much lower costs for both gear and installation.