37 year old man living behind a mask gets a fresh face By Dr Ananya Mandal.

It’s hard never to stare. Then revealed a photo of Norris used on Monday, where his face appears ordinary, apart from stitches along his hairline and neck and scarring around his eyelids. Although he right now has the donor’s encounter, he doesn’t resemble the donor, Rodriguez stated. The US government estimates that 200 wounded troops may be eligible for face transplants. The first encounter transplant was performed in France in 2005, on a female who was mauled by her puppy. In 2010 2010 surgeons in Spain completed the world’s first complete face transplant.Nutrients from food are more absorbed when ginger is added to the recipe easily. Reddish Clover – Used for PMS, menopausal complications and cleansing the bloodstream. It has been said to produce a sense of relaxation to promote good sleep. Garlic – Garlic can be used to avoid colds widely, flu and pneumonia through the winter months, as it’s an immune-stimulating agent. Garlic can lowers cholesterol, blood circulation pressure and blood glucose. It can be used for much more, so do thorough research if you’ve been diagnosed with a disease or other illness.