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The knowledge reinforced his decision to get into medication, and provided him ‘a profound appreciation of what we all are capable of achieving.’ The experience also drove home the advantages of low-tech medicine linked with simple but effective conversation. Every year, he said, billions of dollars goes into developing new medications or fresh technology to take care of advanced disease, a lot of which we could have prevented. ‘We need new and better drugs,’ he admitted, ‘but we also need fresh and better solutions to transmit a few basic, fundamental messages to people in a genuine way that they can understand and follow.Stability Sheet Highlights By March 31, 2012, the Company had cash, money equivalents and short-term investments totaling $46. Stockholders’ equity amounted to $53.0 million by March 31, 2012.C., open December 1 online at More than 25,000 participants and 2,000 journalists from around 200 countries are anticipated to convene at the meeting, which is predicted to become a landmark event in the annals of HIV and AIDS both in the United States and globally. Turning the Tide Together , the theme of the conference, emphasises that we have reached a pivotal instant and that seizing this potential and actually turning the tide on HIV and Helps will demand commitment and actions on many amounts.