Academics and drug companies must work together to win funds for scientific research.

‘The corollary of the is that academics frequently feel like they are treated as contract researchers to do a list of work directed by sector without the flexibility to bring their ideas to the table. ‘Much like most caricatures, there is normally some truth in them. But this way of thinking won’t lead to successful tasks and partnerships for future years. ‘We need genuine collaboration to ensure both parties get excited about the direction and planning of work, particularly when it comes to the use of scarce research funding increasingly. ‘Previously both sides haven’t experienced meaningful conversations about what happens if the research project does not improvement as planned – for example, unexpected findings or a change in priorities.Nation representatives at the achieving spoke of populations with limited or no access to antiretrovirals, reproductive and sexual health solutions, and HIV/AIDS avoidance. Molokele mentioned that if the concept of basic human rights is to become reality, civil society would have to put pressure on governments to implement the laws and regulations protecting human rights, IRIN writes . This article can be republished with kind permission from our close friends at The Kaiser Family Foundation.