According to a study appearing in the December 11 issue of JAMA.

Jameson R. Lam, M.P.H., of Kaiser Permanente, Oakland, Calif., and colleagues evaluated the relationship between the use of acid-suppressing prescription drugs and vitamin B12 insufficiency within the Kaiser Permanente Northern California populace. The researchers identified 25,between January 1997 and June 2011 and 184 956 patients having brand-new diagnoses of supplement B12 deficiency,199 sufferers without B12 deficiency, and compared their contact with acid inhibitors as noticed via digital pharmacy, laboratory, and diagnostic databases.The EWG means well, but they remain ignorant of the dietary impact of supplement D. They’re specialists on toxicology, not diet, plus they still suffer under the illusion that the much less sunlight customers receive on the skin, the healthier they will be . The EWG also appears to be totally unaware that the very best sunscreen is internal sunscreen built from antioxidants. Eat plenty of berries, spirulina, superfoods and chlorella, and you’ll build-up a natural, internal sunscreen that blocks surplus UV rays normally. Despite these gaps in EWG’s knowledge on nourishment, I completely agree with the EWG’s stance on exposure to toxic chemicals, and that is the effectiveness of their outstanding function.