According to PolicyLink.

Dark and Latino Americans are strike hardest by the dual crises of weight problems and diabetes. Everyone deserve to reside in healthy communities – – areas with clean air, safe roads, clean parks, and easy access to healthy meals options. These new money will put us on a path toward healthy communities for all. The Administration’s funding strategy appears to back three core policy concepts PolicyLink and its own partners have long needed: Healthy food inside our schools Healthy food options in our communities Healthy and secure areas to live and playThe financing plan also lines up well with recommendations supplied to the White House by PolicyLink and the Avoidance Institute.National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Illnesses and published online Sept. 17 in the Journal of the American Culture of Nephrology.

AFQ056 medication improves symptoms in Fragile X patients: Study The first drug to take care of the underlying disorder of the symptoms of Fragile X instead, the most common reason behind inherited intellectual disability, shows some promise according to a fresh study published in the January issue of Science Translational Medicine. Researchers from Rush University INFIRMARY helped design the study and are now taking part in the larger follow-up scientific trial. The info from the early trial of 30 Fragile X patients, found the drug, called AFQ056, created by Novartis Pharmaceuticals, helped improve symptoms in a few patients.