Acetaminophen may dull your emotions Chances are.

Acetaminophen may dull your emotions Chances are, if you suffer from occasional pains and aches, you possess a bottle of acetaminophen in your medication cabinet probably . This pain reliever a lot of people know as Tylenol can help a headache, simplicity chronic joint or body discomfort, and decrease a fever. But one thing most people don’t realize is normally that along with physical discomfort, acetaminophen may also dull emotions. A new research released in the journal Psychological Science suggests this popular medication could dampen a person’s emotions – – both bad and the good.

For prescription drugs, acetaminophen is sometimes abbreviated as APAP, AC, Acetaminophn, Acetaminoph, Acetaminop, Acetamin, or Acetam. Third, never take two or more medications that both contain acetaminophen. You are put by it at high risk for a potential overdose. Gardenier adds that it is not really that hard to check with a medical professional, especially your pharmacist. When you have a bottle of NyQuil, there’s much more likely to be always a pharmacist near by, Gardenier said. And if it happens to be where you obtain your prescription drugs they can execute a quick check. To learn more, visit Know Your Dose..