Acorda commences AMPYRA clinical study for post-stoke deficits Acorda Therapeutics.

Preclinical data have demonstrated that dalfampridine can improve useful deficits resulting from ischemic stroke, offering a strong basis for this first clinical trial in people with post-stroke deficits. This proof-of-concept study will assess the safety and tolerability of AMPYRA in people who have stable post-stroke deficits after an ischemic stroke. Exploratory efficacy outcome measures will include: changes in walking speed, upper and lower extremity engine and sensory function, manual dexterity, assessment of functional independence in performing activities of daily living, and clinician and subject matter global impressions of general improvement.All of these changes are connected with a reduced risk of heart disease. More specifically, almond consumption improved bloodstream flow-mediated dilatation and led to a reduction in diastolic blood pressure in all men, and also to a reduction in systolic blood pressure for the healthful men. Diastolic blood circulation pressure may be the pressure experienced by the arteries between heartbeats, while systolic blood circulation pressure is the pressure experienced as the heart is contracting.