AcuFocus Corneal Inlay: Does it improve near vision in patients with presbyopia?

‘This procedure is very different from anything we’ve finished with vision correction techniques before.’ ‘We have become very happy to have Dr. Hersh and his research team involved in the leadership of the extensive research study,’ said AcuFocus CEO, Ed Peterson. ‘They established a great reputation for excellent individual care and for running very efficient studies while following protocols to the letter.’ Anyone might benefit who is dependent upon reading glasses to see near objects. However, because this is a extensive research study, benefits can’t be guaranteed. Before you begin research procedures, individuals must go through the best consent procedure. Implanting the inlay can be a medical procedure that takes less than 15 moments. After the procedure, participants will be required to return for scheduled follow-up examinations.The 8th Circuit U.S. National Journal: Mixed Abortion Ruling In South Dakota Gives Both Sides A Gain A federal government appeals court ruled Fri that South Dakota may require doctors to inform a woman looking for an abortion that she’s a legal relationship with her unborn child. But the court also ruled against the state’s requirement that doctors tell ladies that abortion raises the risk of suicide. Both sides in the abortion debate immediately claimed victory. ‘We are thrilled beyond terms,’ said Leslee Unruh, founder of the Alpha Center pregnancy counseling middle in Sioux Falls. ‘We are so happy about this ruling. It just displays the tide has switched in this country and we need to protect unborn children, along with the woman in making that decision,’ .