Aetna becomes Californias third insurer to scale back rate hikes Meanwhile.

LA Times: Aetna To CUT BACK Health Insurance Price Hikes A third major California wellness insurer has agreed to scale back insurance rate hikes this year for thousands of clients after postponing the boosts for 60 days at the request of the state’s insurance commissioner . About 43,000 Aetna members with individual policies shall see the average 12. 2 % rate increase July 1, scaled back from the insurer’s originally proposed 17.9 % average rate hike . Kaiser Health Information: Some Employees Already Sending Workers To Exchanges To Buy MEDICAL HEALTH INSURANCE The private exchanges, run by former insurance executives and employee benefit consulting firms mainly, operate in more than 20 says.Next, we examined variations in CD8+ T-cell %ages over time, finding a slower increase in CD8+ T-cell %ages among individuals with dual infection than among people that have HIV-1 infection only . A significant difference was also found between HIV-1 infection just and dual disease with HIV-2 seroreactivity 1st however, not between HIV-1 illness only and dual contamination with simultaneous HIV-1 and HIV-2 seroreactivity recorded initial . Since the prices and %ages of change in T-cell populations varies among disease stages, we also analyzed T-cell counts during the asymptomatic stage of infection . As within the analysis of the complete data set, the price of decline in CD4+ T-cell %ages was very similar among participants with HIV-1 infection just and the ones with dual illness, with the average decline of 0.8 percent each year .