Africare announces $1.

ExxonMobil, which has long been a supporter of Africare, will fund three important malaria intervention and avoidance programs in Africa. ExxonMobil has been a great partner to bettering the lives of these living in Africa, stated Africare President Darius Mans. The business’s contributions – including not only funds, but their efforts to provide on-the-surface support, lend business experience and raise the world’s knowing of the scourge of malaria – have saved countless lives on the continent.This year, Abbott moved up to No. 13, and was once again the top-ranked health care company on the list. Abbott provides been included on the list every year since BusinessWeek initiated the list in 2006. ‘In today’s economy, graduates are searching for companies that can offer a long-lasting career with solid leadership and growth opportunities,’ said Stephen Fussell, senior vice president, RECRUITING, Abbott. ‘While others are significantly cutting back on hiring, we see the current economy as a fantastic opportunity to continue to bring in the best entry-level talent, and to help connect brand-new employees with their potential with techniques no other business can.’.

ALS, dementia clues uncovered by gene study Is a cure for Lou Gehrig’s disease on the way? Researchers are hopeful after discovering a genetic mutation they believe is responsible for the debilitating neurological disorder also known as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis .