Agenus receives letter from Listing Qualifications Staff of The NASDAQ Stock Market Agenus Inc.

To regain compliance with the minimum bid cost continued listing requirement, the bid price of the company’s common share must close at $1.00 per share or even more for a minimum of ten consecutive business times. The Staff may, in its discretion, require the business’s common stock to keep up a bid price of at least $1.00 per share for a period more than ten consecutive business days before determining that the business has demonstrated an ability to maintain long-term compliance.It’s useful to carry boxes, stated Delgado about the functionality of the Cyborg Beast, the colloquial name for the 3D-printed hands. That one [the $42,000 hand], easily grab something, it’ll simply fall out. These have more grasp, he added, pulling on the slick, black appendages attached to the Cyborg Beast. $50 3D-printed hand has full motion while $42,000 one is severely limited Just how it works is usually a series of non-flexible cords on the underside of every finger is mounted on a tensioning block on the top back of the device – – Simon identifies this block as the gauntlet.