Allergan acquires Serica Technologies Morningside Technology Ventures.

Altman, Ph.D., Founder and CEO of Serica.D., General Partner at Prism. Many large medical device companies have weathered the storm and have shifted focus to upcoming growth now. Serica provided a unique possibility to utilize huge new markets with a revolutionary technology also to acquire a little, highly productive R&D team with original skill pieces around that technology. It was a difficult decision to sell Serica, but the Allergan purchase provided the shareholders with an excellent come back while maintaining the capability to hold onto several high value indications within the Alacer spin-off.After analysing the DNA, the team found that a mutation of a specific gene was far more common in people that have the migraine with aura than those without. ‘This mutation means migraine victims will probably have higher levels of a specific amino acid or protein known as homocysteine in the blood. But a diet abundant with folate can reduce degrees of homocysteine. For most people folate-wealthy foods such as vegetables or folate products cannot only help ward off migraines but also may help prevent strokes.’ Dr Lea says it really is too early to state whether folate rich diets are the cure-all for people who have problems with migraine. But the selling point of this therapy is that it is not merely simple and cheap, but also may help prevent migraine episodes in people for whom traditional medicines are not effective.