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The majority of the MS research examined pill or oral spray forms of medical marijuana. There have been two studies that examined smoked medical marijuana for dealing with MS symptoms. However, the scholarly studies did not provide enough information showing if smoked medical marijuana is effective. It's vital that you remember that medical marijuana can worsen thinking and storage problems, and this is a problem since many people who have MS have problems with these problems already because of the disease itself, stated Koppel.Neither an unadjusted analysis nor an intention-to-treat sensitivity analysis that included data from every 210 participants materially altered the results . Subgroup Analyses There was no proof a differential treatment effect in any of the preplanned subgroup analyses: purulent versus nonpurulent pleural fluid, use of a large-bore versus small-bore chest tube, and radiographic evidence of loculation versus no evidence of loculation. Secondary End Points Pleural Effusion Figure 2Figure 2Change in Region of Pleural Fluid on Chest Radiography on Day 7 versus Time 1, According to review Group. Shows the modify in the region of pleural opacity on time 7 as compared with day 1.