Coal Ash Contains Large Levels of Radioactivity: Study: FRIDAY.

Until now, metals and contaminants such as for example arsenic and selenium have been the major known contaminants of concern in coal ash, said study co-author Avner Vengosh in a university information release. This research raises the possibility we have to also be looking for radioactive elements, said Vengosh, who is a professor of geochemistry and drinking water quality at Duke’s Nicholas School of the Environment. Brindis, M.D.P.H. .. Coal Ash Contains Large Levels of Radioactivity: Study: – FRIDAY, Sept. 11, 2015 – – Coal ash contains levels of radioactivity that raise concern about the environment and human health, researchers warn. Scientists from Duke University in Durham, N.C., analyzed coal ash from all three major coal-creating basins in the usa and found levels of radioactivity that were up to five moments higher than in regular soil, or more to 10 times greater than in unburned coal.At the March meeting, the Company presented information regarding the product dosing system for APF530 and the manufacture and characterization of APF530. The primary topics discussed with the FDA are described below: THE BUSINESS proposed replacing its previous, two-syringe dosing system with a new, single-syringe system it is rolling out in the last year. The Company believes that the new system offers significant convenience and safety advantages over the old system. The FDA acknowledged that the single-syringe design will be an improvement, suggested particular labeling enhancements, and requested additional, nonclinical, human factors studies be conducted to resubmission prior.