Environmental and social performance.

‘The environments in which we operate – natural, social, financial and political – are sensitive and challenging particularly, requiring companies like Abbott to become more thoughtful than ever about the ways we operate our business,’ stated Miles D. White, chairman and chief executive officer, Abbott. ‘We think that Abbott has met that challenge, across the spectral range of its business actions.’ As a member of the prestigious Dow Jones Sustainability World Index, Abbott is probably the top 300 of the 2 2,500 largest businesses worldwide when it comes to sustainability.‘What we’re hearing is usually that employees are not aware of this additional gear,’ stated Mark Catlin, director of occupational health and security at the SIEU, to reporters, referring to the hazmat suits needed to drive back Ebola. ‘We’re not going to do the comprehensive training that these airport workers want [but] we want to suggest to them the CDC assistance and what this brand-new protective gear looks like. .’ Cabin crews being told to wash their hands just, wear rubber gloves Many cabin crew workers aren’t up to date on the latest information, claimed one of them to the WSJ, so most are unaware that handling a possible source of Ebola requires additional treatment.