Formed by six research institutions from East Africa and European countries.

AfriCoLeish launches Stage III clinical research to test 2 treatments for HIV-VL co-infected patients Phase III clinical study in Ethiopia launched to check 2 treatments for HIV-visceral leishmaniasis co-infected patients The international research & advancement consortium, AfriCoLeish, formed by six research institutions from East Africa and European countries, has launched a Phase III clinical research to address the great difficulty in treating visceral leishmaniasis in patients who also are HIV-positive pde5 inhibitors . The analysis will assess the efficacy and the protection of two treatments: a combination treatment of AmBisome – and miltefosine, and AmBisome – by itself.

African American women are also much more likely to get breast tumor at a younger age group, and among women in the U.S. Under the age of 45, African Americans have the highest incidence rates.e., estrogen receptor-unfavorable, high-grade tumors that are node-positive. This clinical pattern is comparable to that identified in the Ashkenazi populations that led to the discovery of BRCA-1 and -2 gene mutations, prompting many researchers to speculate that there may also be a genetic component contributing to breast tumor in African Us citizens.