If liberty means anything at all.

Throw in a few extra photos against these ‘anti-vax activists’ who ‘swallow hype and bull’ and you possess an ominous recipe for the dragging apart of non-vaccinating parents to places like Guantanamo Bay for ‘reeducation,’ torture or worse. ‘The pro-vaccine lobby has done a phenomenal job of inciting fear among the American open public in a manner that happens to serve its interests: Fear of little children who might not have been vaccinated; concern with other parents who may make choices different from yours; fear of a disease that in the developed world is much less deadly than lightning strikes,’ wrote Bretigne Shaffer in a phenomenal piece for LewRockwell.com, dealing specifically with the latest measles ‘outbreak.’ ‘But they’ve overlooked probably the most frightening specters of all, one which includes a truly horrifying historical record of loss of life and destruction: An all-powerful state that can literally do whatever it wishes to those living under it.However, because that is a research study, benefits can’t be guaranteed. Before you begin research procedures, individuals must go through an informed consent procedure. Implanting the inlay is usually a surgical procedure that takes less than 15 moments. After the procedure, participants shall be required to come back for scheduled follow-up examinations. Return visits will occur over a three-year period and individuals will receive the method and all examinations at no cost.

12-member medical group from CHOP returns from Port-au-Prince, Haiti A 12-member medical team from The Children’s Medical center of Philadelphia returned yesterday after 10 days in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, treating victims of the Jan.