Malaria and AIDS.

The extensive research was completed in Kisumu, in Kenya and the scientists estimate that thousands of HIV infections and millions of malaria cases could be linked to this co-disease. The authors of the analysis state the biological co-element induced by malaria has contributed significantly to the spread of HIV and fueled a rise in adult malaria contamination rates. The scientists estimate that tens of thousands of HIV infections can be blamed on this co-infection. In addition they say genital herpes and tuberculosis are suspected of increasing the probability of infection also.3D MDCT accurate for imaging liver arteries 3D MDCT angiography is a far more efficient method to classify liver arterial anatomy before liver medical procedures, according to experts from Duke University in Durham, NC. In the scholarly study, 43 patients had been evaluated before using 3D MDCT angiography. In 40 of 43 individuals, surgical results concurred with MDCT findings, indicating that 3D MDCT is an accurate method for imaging liver arteries ahead of surgery, stated Erik K.