Medical procedures and non-surgical treatment provide similar short and long-term outcomes.

‘[T]hus, age alone does not look like a contraindication to medical fixation of C2 fractures,’ concludes the study by Dr. Maxwell Boakye of University of Louisville, KY, and colleagues. Old adults are at increased risk of C2 fractures, a serious injury that will require prompt treatment to prevent injury to the cervical part of the spinal cord. None of the patients had proof spinal cord damage at that time they were treated. Options for treatment for C2 fractures are medical procedures to stabilize the fracture or non-surgical treatment to allow the fracture to heal. In the study, 28 sufferers were treated with medical procedures and 28 with immobilization. Dr. Co-workers and Boakye compared the short – and long-term outcomes of the surgical and nonsurgical treatment groups.Corn syrup – Largely GMO, with little nourishment. HFCS is even worse. Refined table sugar – Mainly GMO and stripped of any beneficial nutrients, this sugar includes a very acidic influence on your body and causes mineral depletion. Honey – The kind of honey makes a big difference, with natural honey getting lower on the glycemic scale and containing more nutrition. Processed honey is often no better than table sugar. Evaporated cane juice – Better than white sugar, but refined still. Blackstrap molasses – Although higher on the glycemic index, this sugars provides many minerals, including iron, calcium, copper, magnesium, phosphorous, potassium and zinc, and as a complete result is more alkalizing to the body.