Medical procedures and nonsurgical treatment provide similar short and long-term outcomes.

Choices for treatment for C2 fractures are medical procedures to stabilize the fracture or non-surgical treatment to allow the fracture to heal. In the study, 28 patients were treated with surgery and 28 with immobilization. Dr. Boakye and colleagues compared the brief – and long-term outcomes of the surgical and nonsurgical treatment groups. Both groups were similar in terms of age and other features. Most had two or more accompanying medical problems. Related StoriesLifeNet Health's ViviGen Cellular Bone Matrix wins Spine Technology AwardVertera Spine receives FDA 510 clearance for COHERE Cervical Interbody Fusion DeviceStudents introduced to da Vinci Robotic Surgical System in Saint Francis Memorial HospitalSurgery generally consisted of an operation to fuse the fractured C2 vertebra to 1 or more adjoining vertebra.The focus on costs and prevention is normally rooted in pressures the challenging economy has put on major economies and other huge donors to global health. Also at work can be an emerging shift in how the U.S. – the largest funder of AIDS applications – is approaching the disease, the newspaper writes. The piece explores the problem the Obama administration is facing as it attempts to gradual increased financing for HIV/AIDS while devoting more dollars and attention to improving maternal and child wellness, attacking neglected tropical diseases and implementing various other initiatives, as part of the administration’s Global Wellness Initiative. This article includes comments by Ezekiel Emanuel, senior adviser for health policy to the director of the working office of Management and Budget, U.S.