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While there’s a medication, pilocarpine, prescribed for the condition commonly, Dr. Chambers said it has only short-lived exposes and benefits patients to bothersome additional drug side effects. Acupuncture therapy, based on the centuries-older Chinese practice of inserting and manipulating very thin needles at exact points on the body to relieve pain or restore health, is normally believed by Chinese medication practitioners to boost the flow of vital energy through the entire physical body. Dr. Garcia, Dr. Chambers and their team of scientists conducted a study to discover if acupuncture may have a direct effect on xerostomia. The M. D. Anderson research included 19 patients suffering from the dry mouth area of xerostomia.Therefore EHRs will be only as good as the product quality metrics they’re designed to capture; technology can’t overcome fundamental measurement challenges. We measure a lot of things that have no worth to patients, while much of what individuals do value, including our interest, remains unmeasurable. Why, Wachter asks, perform we do nothing similar in health care? In a moving passage, Wachter speaks with a famous surgeon who once spent his evenings before surgery reading his notes on another day’s patients. No longer. His notes have been rendered homogeneous by the tyranny of clicks and auto-populated fields uselessly.