Researchers have already been tracking the real number of confirmed cases over the last 26 years.

Knowing the dangers – – the horrific picture of foot ulcerations, blindness, heart disease and even leg amputations – – millions and millions of individuals are knowingly indulging in lifestyles that trigger instant malaise and a sure-to-be-grisly loss of life. Self-sabotage. We realize what’s best. We do the opposite. Self-sabotage is due to underlying psychological accessories that ‘program’ us to cling to familiar means of being, even though those ways are detrimental to our well-being.Patterns included the convenience design made up of pasta meals, Mexican food, Chinese pizza and food; the plant-based pattern included mainly vegetables, fruits, cereal, beans, yogurt, fish and poultry; the sweets pattern comprising added sugars, desserts, chocolate, candy and sweetened breakfast foods; and the alcohol/salads pattern, which included beer, wine, liquor, green leafy vegetables, salad and tomatoes dressings. Those who ate an average Southern diet tended to be men regularly, people and blacks who hadn’t graduated from senior high school, the study found.