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❑ Child Sexual Abuse and Your Community – Information Session
❑ Protecting your Child from Sex Offender – Identifying Problems
❑ Raising Healthy Children – A Focus on Healthy and Problematic Sexual Behaviors

Guidelines for Scheduling a Seminar with Protect Mass Children

• Only available in Massachusetts, at this time

• Upon selection of date, you must book and manage event logistics

• We request that there are at least 50 attendees per seminar

• Seminar leader will be provided for free, donations will be accepted

• We will help you promote your seminar with a calendar item and press release to your
local papers. Please identify a local person who can speak to the press as your
representative (we can help set them up powerfully)

• Registration will be set up on Protect Mass Children’s web site through Eventbrite, we will
also have a Facebook Event page

• Public Welcome

• We request that you engage the following groups:

o Legislators and Community Leaders
o Faith Communities
o School System
o YMCA and other organizations
o Child Care Providers
o Police, Fire and related service providers
o Member of the Community