Simultaneously colon cancer is the fourth common reason behind cancer related death.

Current diagnostic practice involves either unpleasant invasive uses or methods stool tests, the latter resulting in a high %age of false-positive outcomes. The collaboration between BioVendor, SCIENION and AIT aims to use biomarkers for the early detection and screening based on patients blood samples. In the task, AIT's proprietary biomarkers will be developed into an easy-to-make use of in-vitro diagnostic test package. The technology takes benefit of the fact that specific tumor autoantibodies can be detected in blood of cancer sufferers in an exceedingly early stage of tumor advancement.This while was performed by him openly admitting that the pharmaceutical industry makes a practice of marketing unethically, paying off doctors, and suppressing vital scientific data as to the dangers of their drugs. With calm and poise, President Lieberman reminded APA users that we need big pharma and they need us. Actually, he suggests we’d end up being lost without them. What would we do without pharmaceuticals? Who would support scientific study? How would psychiatrists stay static in business? Dr. Jeffrey Lieberman is asking these questions as though the answer certainly favors assisting and sustaining a criminal industry.