Sometimes the retraction of a paper can be as noteworthy as the publication of 1.

An interview with Dr Matt SilverConsuming high-fat diet plan may lead to unhappiness and anxiety, cause measurable adjustments in the brainAccording to the Institute’s head of nutrition research, Associate Professor Wendy Oddy, the hyperlink could go either genuine way. It could be that poor diet network marketing leads to aggravation of ADHD and in addition that ADHD network marketing leads to poor diet options.14-year-previous teen GMO activist schools ignorant TV host about human rights, food labeling Her name is definitely Rachel Parent, and she’s suddenly an internet sensation on her behalf cool-headed debate about GMOs on a popular Canadian Television show. As you will see in the video below, Rachel calmly argues for the basic human to know what’s inside our food, even as the condescending bully of a host named Kevin O’Leary verbally assaults the lady and virtually accuses her of murdering children. Through the debate, Kevin O’Leary, co-host of the The O’Leary and Lang Exchange show, attacked Rachel viciously, first accusing her of being a ‘lobbyist’ against GMOs , and equating her position of questioning GMOs with supporting a holocaust of widespread death of children somehow.