Success in solving insight problems connected with creative thinking.

Success in solving insight problems connected with creative thinking. ‘If there is a human trait that would seem immune to scientific study, it is intuition or insight – that seemingly irrational ‘Aha! ‘That accompanies sudden recognition or solution,’said Howard Gardner, Hobbs Professor of Cognition and Education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, In in the study. ‘In showing that distinctive cortical activity characterizes self reports of insight while they robbed on solutions insight, Jung – Beeman and his colleagues demystify demystify the creative process are not missing. ‘.

In addition to the problem, everyone reported to feel that the solution as an insight Brain dissolved.) Brain activity was evaluated, while participants tackled and sometimes solved these problems. Gamma – experiment were, functional magnetic resonance imaging , an increased activity in a small portion of the right temporal lobe while Insight Solutions and little activity during non-insight solutions.

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