Targeted at focusing attention on the alarming global diabetes epidemic.

‘There’s a lack of awareness by the overall population, too little knowledge by healthcare companies on how to treat the disease, and no coordinated healthcare policy that could make screening, treatment, and prevention important. There are also practical limitations including access to clinical care settings, few assets for treatment, and developed healthcare infrastructure to support chronic and acute treatment poorly. Nevertheless, despite these grave difficulties, the consequences of doing nothing at all are dire.’ Through her extensive diabetes field function in Africa, Asia, and Latin America, Dr. Hawkins has observed many different forms of diabetes including a mystical and under-recognized form – one that is linked to starvation and malnutrition. ‘People on the ground, in sub-Saharan Africa and India especially, say they are viewing many more instances of diabetes among youthful and lean individuals compared to 20 years ago,’ stated Dr.‘Although some money is being funneled Florida’s way, ADAP will still require millions of dollars more to support its patient load,’ stated Michael Kahane, Southern Bureau Chief for Helps Healthcare Foundation. ‘Many HIV patients who have lost their employment rely on this program to get the lifesaving medications they need. In addition, people are continuing to become tested for HIV, and some looking for treatment may also be put on ADAP waiting lists. This directly conflicts with the President Obama’s National AIDS Technique, urging more testing in order that people will understand their status, get into treatment which helps break the chain of new infections.