The status reinforces the quality of the hospitals entire faculty and personnel.

‘We’re committed to delivering the highest regular of nursing excellence to your community, and achieving this position for another four years highlights our dedication to providing supreme patient-centered care.’ Being recognized as a Magnet facility for the second time is an excellent achievement for HUP, that was initial designated as a Magnet hospital in 2007 – the just major academic infirmary in Pennsylvania to achieve the status in those days. Hospitals must reapply for Magnet recognition every four years predicated on adherence to Magnet concepts and demonstrated improvements in individual care and quality.Dr. Barzilai may also be director of Einstein’s Center. ‘The role old in disease is normally underestimated,’ explained Dr. Barzilai. ‘Aging can be a major factor for the development of all adult onset diseases. If we can easily determine the biology of aging, then we are able to look for methods to protect against it and increase health span, or living disease-free into advanced old age even. Our research – in both the Institute and our new Center – is ultimately aimed at finding treatments to avoid or slow this process.’ Einstein’s Center will be run beneath the auspices of the Institute, enhancing the institute’s currently robust research component.