Today in the journal Nature Communications Published.

‘We've shown that the receptor to focus on is actually CCR2 right now. Blocking CCR6 makes the disease worse. If an antagonist can be found by us to block the CCR2 receptor particularly on these T-cells, we should have the ability to control the progression of MS.’ MS can be an incurable neurodegenerative disease, currently affecting 23,000 people in Australia and the most common disease of the central anxious system in adults. ‘We still can't control MS very well, there's a great dependence on new therapies,’ says Professor McColl.Heat destroys the vein walls and they shrink leading to the collapsing of the vein. This technique is painless and takes only 30-60 minutes comparatively. Once your damaged vein is treated, the probe will be removed and a little dressing will be applied on the affected part. In most of the cases, the individual is discharged within an full hour. What Precautions to Consider after Treatment? Immediately after the treatment, do not get.