Under this agreement.

Newman, M.D., Tenet’s chief operating officer. ‘Tenet’s services and its affiliated doctors have been integral elements of Aetna’s networks for many years. We’re glad our members will continue to access their quality healthcare solutions,’ said Carl King, head of Aetna National Networks and Contracting Providers.. Aetna, Tenet sign new multi-year contract to access quality healthcare services Tenet Healthcare Company and Aetna announced today they have signed a new multi-year agreement. Under this agreement, which took effect January 1, 2011, users of Aetna industrial and Medicare Advantage health plans can continue receiving covered health care services from Tenet facilities and physicians.Fifth, as with all of the surveillance systems established for epidemic cholera, the majority of cases in the NCSS were not laboratory-confirmed, and inevitably some cases of acute watery diarrhea due to pathogens apart from V. Cholerae were misclassified as cholera. Surveillance data on both age groups claim that this misclassification was more apparent during epidemic lulls, when history prices of noncholera diarrheal disease among kids beneath the age of 5 years probably represented an increased proportion of reported situations. Using the stricter WHO case definition of severe watery diarrhea in persons 5 years or older, the ongoing health ministry reported 525,696 cases of disease, 295,303 hospitalizations, through October 20 and 6856 deaths from cholera, 2012.