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The campaign is component of a five-year effort to significantly raise the amount of HIV/AIDS-related programming by African broadcasters . Beneath the initiative, African television and radio stations will devote at least 5 percent of airtime – – about 1 hour per day – – to HIV/Helps programming. Regarding to organizers, the partnership aims to halt the pass on of HIV, inform HIV-positive individuals who they can live regular lives and urge young people to apply safer sexual habits that reduce their threat of contracting HIV. The advertising campaign, to be launched simultaneously at 13:00 GMT on World AIDS Day time on Dec.As an investigator for the National Cancers Institute, in 1997 Allikmets uncovered the ABCR gene , as the first gene involved with a significant, but small fraction of age-related macular degeneration. This discovery arranged him on the road of pursuing analysis in the certain area of AMD genetics, and he joined Columbia University Medical Center in 1999 to go after this groundbreaking research. Different haplotypes in the Factor H gene in about 1 / 3 of the population provide varied levels of protection from acquiring AMD. The Iowa group also examined a big collection of donated attention samples and noticed that the activation of the immune system results in the forming of drusen – pockets of swelling that will be the precursors to AMD.