Which is contained in many over-the-counter cough remedies.

Active ingredient dextromethorphan may help people who have Type 2 diabetes The active ingredient dextromethorphan, which is contained in many over-the-counter cough remedies, has been proven to improve blood sugar levels in type 2 diabetes . That was the locating of a recently available international study, where the Middle for Physiology and Pharmacology of MedUni Vienna performed a significant part and which has now been released in the leading medical journal Character Medicine . Using electrophysiological solutions to measure electrical currents through cell membranes, the study group at the Institute for Physiology and Pharmacology, led by Marjan Slak Rupnik, showed that dextromethorphan extends the intervals of electric activity in beta cells viagra for women .

The AC3050-010 is targeted at low-pressure instrumentation in commercial measurement, medical and HVAC applications.9 mm square) which both reduces the consequences of package stress and lowers chip costs. The real strength of the design is actually shown by the precision and stability we are able to obtain when using a single sensor chip to build amplified parts right down to 2.5 mbar full-scale, stated Jim Knutti, president of Acuity, Inc. Our OEM sensor customers find the AC3050 attractive both to displace existing piezoresistive pressure sensor die and to open fresh applications requiring extremely accurate low-pressure measurements.