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We’re not going to cut those things that are incredibly important to the American economy.’ The American Association for Dental care Study applauds the President’s commitment to keep funding for research during the tough budget environment that today exists. Biomedical analysis is critical to the quality of life experienced by the American general public and to saving lives, but also to the growth of the American economy and long-term deficit reduction. Relating to AADR President Dr. Jeffrey Ebersole, ‘Biomedical research has a background of bipartisan support, because policymakers have long known that investments today are more than recouped and essential for continued innovation.’.. AADR praises Obama’s commitment to keep up biomedical research funds Through the April 5 White House Press Briefing, President Barack Obama articulated that his administration is willing to use leaders in Congress from both political functions in order to avoid a federal government shutdown later on this week.The educational authors were actively mixed up in collection, evaluation, and interpretation of the data; the original drafting and revision of the manuscript for intellectual content; and the acceptance of the ultimate manuscript. The first draft was written by the first author, with contributions from various other authors. All authors attest to the accuracy and completeness of the data presented. All authors had access to all the research data and participated in your choice to post the manuscript for publication. The trial was conducted relative to the protocol , which was approved by the institutional review boards in participating centers.